We are Untangle.

AI that tells you why.

Deep learning is quickly becoming the standard, but why do models make a decision? At Untangle we are solving the problems of understanding why AI models think the way they do.

At Untangle we want to understand AI's in the most intuitive way.

By understanding AI we can create a better future for all humanity. We are on a mission to build the most intuitive and effective tools to allow the understanding of AI.
Understand your models
Remove Bias from models
Explain to end users why a decision was made
Create new Business value
Reduce Data dependency
Understand your model's limitations
Automation of decision making is not the future it is here and now!
At Untangle we want to make safe and Trustworthy AI's.
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Opening the Black Box

Optimize deep learning models

The Untangle platform allows you to understand and optimize your deep learning models.

Algorithmic Accountability

AI auditing will be the new norm for AIs that impact peoples lives. We want to ensure Algorithmic Accountability.

Deep Learning explained

Add value

Extract new business value from your models. Create new business understanding, new features, groupings, recomendations and filters


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