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With Untangle you can:
  • Focus critical developer resources on your core business
  • Launch better products, faster, with more certainty
  • Improve user experience with explanations

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you audit our AI?

Yes! We provide AI auditing services. We build detailed reports based off of our comprehensive analysis. We put your AI through rigorous testing to give you the best insights into its thoughts. Using this information you can:

  • extract new business value
  • Understand the limits of your model and/or data
  • Discover how generalisable your models are
  • What are the risk factors for your model

and much much more......

Can you build custom applications or incorporate this technology into other platforms?

Of course. AI can be used for a variety of purposes, understanding and explaining their decisions is extremely important for most use cases. Our engineers are easily able to build our technology into other platforms. Give us a call to discuss your proposition.

How does the technology work

This is a big question! We use the most recent developments from research along with our own proprietary technology to create a unique platform. If you have any specific questions please feel free to reach out.

What if I need help setting up a test?

Just ask. We’re happy to help. For larger projects, we can provide an analyst to guide you through the process.