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Artificial Intelligence Explainability With Startups

9 Straits View, Marina One,Singapore

Join Facebook, IMDA, and a global team of diverse experts to create innovative designs focused on data transparency around Artificial Intelligence (AI) for startups at Startup Station Singapore.

Experts will collaborate with startups over the course of a day to explore concepts around AI and explainability, creating new and innovative designs for their products and services that give people control over how their data is used, while also providing a great user experience.

Industry and startups share a challenge with regulators and policymakers in finding appropriate ways within services to communicate to users how their data is used in a way that doesn't disrupt their experience; one that clarifies their understanding of how their data is used so that they can make meaningful and well-informed choices.

Following the Singapore Design Jam in November 2018 which worked on fictional prototypes for notice and consent, this upcoming Design Jam brings together startups from the first intake at Startup Station Singapore, in partnership with the IMDA, and other experts focussed on AI and user experience.

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