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Explaining the decisions of deep learning models

Traveloka, 77 Robinson Road Level 9, Singapore
07:00 PM


Welcome to our July meetup!  This month, Traveloka, who was also a sponsor of recent PyCon APAC, is opening their office to host us!


  • 7:00pm: Meet and mingle
  • 7:30pm: Talk: Serverless Architecture - Is not ALL or NOTHING - by Zac Kwan

While the hype of serverless architecture has died down, the communities remain strong and frameworks around it continue to improve. We will be looking at a framework that can help build a serverless app in python and where can we apply it to an existing project instead of going all into serverless.

Zac is a Technical Product Manager at Milieu Insight and former Tech Lead in a fintech startup. He always focuses on looking for different ways to improve the team development workflow.-

  • 8:30pm: Talk: Explaining the decisions of deep learning models - by Naresh Shah

Deep Learning is behind some of the most amazing advances in AI today. However, a well-known fact about Deep Learning models is that not many people understand the decisions made by a Deep Learning model. It appears to be a black box for most people. Today, we will be exploring some of the algorithms and methods used to explain the decisions of Deep Learning models and implementing them in Python.

Naresh is the CTO at Untangle AI. He is an ex-Data Scientist at P&G and holds a Masters in Business Analytics and Big Data from IE Business School.

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